Hi there…your freindly neighbourhood CEO is going offline until early January to re-charge batteries. However, until then I thought I’d share something with you that is beginning to be regularly mentioned/discussed in the local 3rd sector……. “Disability Direct is very successful as a local group with lots of self-generated income – should commissioners buy services from them or let new groups have a bite of the pie?”

It’s no secret that DD & The Disability Syndicate has ambitions to expand into as many services benefitting the sector and disabled people as possible. Yet, those facing the difficult decision of commissioning will know that DD has worked hard for it’s current success – (at the recomendation of funders who “on paper” praise groups who do all they can to raise their own income). Part of the thought process they have will probably include something like this….”well if we don’t fund DD, they have plenty of other income streams or we need to give other groups a chance…and so on…..

Yes, we are successful, but we are not “full”…we have lots of ideas and lots more to do!!!

Funders/Commissioners must not fall into the trap set by peer agencies plagued by what some have described as “professional jealousy”. Let me give you yet another scenario which a like-minded individual shared with me today….”If you have seen the perfect jumper and it’s only sold at Marks & Spencer for £30, you buy it and you enjoy wearing it….you don’t look at it and say “actually i refuse to buy it because Marks & Spencers made £100m profit last year”…. think about it…Mr. Raju has a point!!!

Anyway, just thought I’d have my final rant of the year!

Seasons Greetings to you all

Agree?…..Not Agree?    Don’t like Marks & Spencers?