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Past Activities.

Big Lottery Fund

Funded by The Big Lottery


Previous Activities

Table Top Gardening

Potting plants Colourful  flowers for the pots Putting the compost in the pots Bedding plants Painted pots Bright yellow pot Pot painting Arts and Crafts Sharing skills



Jewelry Making


Making a necklace Skill sharing Everyone lends a hand Stringing the necklace Everyone working hard

Knitting at Oakley Avenue

Everyone got involved at our knitting class

Even men can knit! Teddy wearing hand made scarf Scarf knitting Members knitting Member knitting






Arts and Crafts at Craddock Avenue

Crafts can get messy, but everyone manages to make something fun

Card making Getting creative with colour It can get messy More crafts Arts & Crafts Class






Fire Station visit

Some of our younger members wanted to learn about the Fire Service

Everyone get wet Having a go with the hose The Truck Learning the ropes Kids at the Fire Station






Easter Egg Hunt for the younger members

A bit of fun before the afternoon activity

The A Team It might be in the hedge Everyones searching Looking for Rabbits Our young members



 A bird but no eggs?Batman with eggs!Chocolate EggsLots of eggsShe's not letting go of that egg!


Games Afternoon

Some of our older members taught the young people old fashioned games like Dominoes

Great place to have a chat More games Dominoes Everyone gets involved with the games

 Learning Dominoes



Getting creative with an old sock

Perfect sock rabbit Maria and Claire proudly show off their rabbits Anil finished his sock rabbit Everyone get busy with the project Maria help a younger member with her work

ICT Class

The younger members teach our older members how to use computers and tablets

ICT 4 ICT 3 ICT class 2 ICT Class The class

Christmas Card Making

Festive fun with arts and crafts

The finished product Brenda helps a member with the fiddly bit Card making The card is taking shape Messy but worth it

Photos from our Just Fun Project

Bugs N Bones, Ipro, Fun Fitness and Lets Get Creative were on the menu of fun activities for this half term…….

Bugs n Bones


LizardWhite snakeTarantulaTiger snakeGekkoTarantulaRatBearded DragonTortoiseBugs n Bones



Ipro Tour Locked in the cells at Ipro Posing with the statue





Fun Fitness

Getting fit So fast its a blur!! Sparring Tyres......good idea instead of a punch bag






Winter Festivities

Just Fun had a merry time in December with the Christmas activities

Christmas Fun

October Half Term Activity

We held 3 sporting activities this half term, football, netball and cricket.

The Just Fun Team

The Just Fun Team

The Team trying to look cool!

The Team trying to look cool!





Everyone enjoyed the fun and it was great exercise too.

Maybe the next England squad?

Maybe the next England squad?

The guys have a go at cricket

Everyone wants a go at batting









Paralympics….here we come……


Anil Chand has a go at batting

Anil takes the bat

Just Fun kids having a go at football

The Winning Team



We would highly recommend Derbyshire Tennis Centre as the activity was great for all of our young people, especially those with cerebral palsy, poor fine motor skills and wheelchair users. The coaches who led the session did a great job and got everyone involved.

Image showing group of people playing tennis

Create a Game

The young people had fantastic ideas ranging from their own versions of snakes and ladders to F1 and superheroes board games. The activity was a success with many happy young people participating.

Create a game image showing people at a table during activity

Sports Day

We used Moorways Sports complex as the venue and found it very useful as there was plenty of space. Our young people participated in a range of fun sporting activities and worked well as individuals and as part of a team.

Image showing children at the sports day event


Fun Day and Picnic at Elvaston Castle

Each of the young people got into groups and took part in an exciting picture challenge across the grounds of the castle. Their task was to take fun and unique photos, it was really good to see the young people working well as a part of a team and wonderful to see each of them encouraging one another to get more involved with the challenge as the activity went on.

Fun Day activity image showing people having fun at the event 

Creative Fun

The young people used a variety of things to create pictures, paintings, models, greeting cards, and Loom Band bracelets.

Image of children during creative fun classSmiling Child during creative fun class

Boxing and Fitness

It was fantastic to see the coach at Splash Fit making fitness a lot of fun and teaching the young people all about coordination, control and discipline. Everyone was very well worn out by the end of the day.

Image showing boxing class taking place

Cooking and Baking

We found that this was a lot more popular than we first thought so decided to put on an extra date. We made was lasagne and jacket potatoes and for desert, sponge cake and on the second date we made spaghetti bolognaise and apple crumble for dessert. The chefs at the YMCA were very positive about the group and said that they are a pleasure to work with.

Cooking and baking class


Our coach David from Chilwell Blades led the activity and set the guys up in the full fencing outfit. David enjoyed teaching us so much; he offered to do a beginner’s class for us all, free of charge.

Fencing activity group

Weird Science

During this activity we took part in 12 different experiments, which included balloon rockets, trying to break an egg in the palm of your hand, water vs oil and coke with Mentos rocket. In addition to this we made paper aeroplanes and flew them to show how gravity and aero dynamic shapes work.

Picture of weird science experiment taking place


Snake Handle and Hold

It was brilliant to see the young people get over their fears of snakes and handle them properly and responsibly. The snake handlers were so impressed by the young people, they have asked to come back and do it again next year.

It was so much fun, our even our CEO got involved!

Picture of snake

Picture of CEO Amo Raju

The summer program was full of electrifying activities that the young people found challenging, exciting and lots of fun. It was nice to see the group making new friends and developing existent friendships.








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