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A older woman talking with organisers An organizer sat down in a grey shirt with classes looking on the computer. A man getting lessons in boxing from a woman in boxing gear. A shot of a older man sitting down talking to a person which we can't really see standing up. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) posing with an older man and 3 older women for photos. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) standing in front of the (Steps for the future performing arts academy) with around 10 people associated with it. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) looking smart in a suit with another smart gentlemen smiling at the camera. Looks like a daughter is showing her older mother around the organizations in a wheelchair. Both with nearly matching brown coats. Looks like John Partridge(Christian Clarke) is having his photo taken with some women from the council. A woman boxer posing for a photo with her black gloves on. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) Standing in front of the Derbyshire constabulary table with 3 older and younger women. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) with his arms around 2 women in beautiful dresses John Partridge(Christian Clarke) standing in front of Communication Unlimited for the hard of hearing with a woman and a man that has his wrist wrapped up because of a sprain of something. This picture looks like 2 women using sign language to communicate. Two Older ladies discussing something with an organizer here. Notice Board Three women organizers smiling at the camera in their uniforms. John Partridge(Christian Clarke) and a man and woman in white tops standing either side of him hold a notice board. A man in a blue jean jacket standing in front of a organisation looking at a leaflet he just picked up. John Partridge(Christian Clarke)  having a laugh with a couple of women near the Derby shire Constabulary event.
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