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A closeup of a man smiling A older man with blue arm support with and older woman in a wheelchair. inquiring about events. A younger man in a wheelchair socializing with people around him. Two women smiling for the camera Two men posing for photographs with Alison King(Carla Boner) from Coronation Street A woman with a indigo scarf on is laughing at something we can't see. A older man with a crutch looking on the stalls to see whats on offer. Alison King(Carla Boner) with a older couple posing for a photo. A man and woman from an organization offering advice. Alison King(Carla Boner) on the right taking another selfie with a couple of fans. A younger woman taking a photo with her 2 little boys dressed in tracksuits with Alison King(Carla Boner) 3 children and a coulpe of adults sit down to enjoy some food and cupcakes are available. Alison King(Carla Boner) having her picture taken with a younger couple. Alison King(Carla Boner) talking with a older man from an organization. Alison King(Carla Boner) posing in the middle of a photo with a man and a woman. A women who works for one of the organisations with a younger woman posing for a picture Alison King(Carla Boner) hugging a older woman in a wheelchair wearing a white Cossack Hat Alison King(Carla Boner second from the left) posing with 4 younger girls. Alison King(Carla boner) with the Merlin Poss + abilities group Alison King(Carla Boner) posing for photos with a woman and a younger girl.
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