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People enjoying themselves Amo with the mayor Smiles all in this picture A guy in a wheelchair with a basketball People playing wheelchair basketball People in purple dancing Looks like people swapping numbers on the day. A dramatization group preparing to perform Looks like a old couple with their grownup daughter posing for a picture. Young children watching the entertainment which we can't see. The dramatization performing for the crowds A man holding his infant son while watching the show. A man in a grey suit showing a woman in purple something on his phone. Two little children sitting in wheel chairs one with a Darth Vader jumper on. 6 kids in wheelchairs surrounding a basketball hoop trying for 3 points shot. A little child with beige trousers on sitting in a wheelchair. A few youngsters enjoying the show in grey hoodies The Dancers are in purple entertaining the crowd. Three little girs in orange with the one on the left with a white cat face paint on. The Bangra dancers are here in bright orange and blue and purple and white.
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