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A white and brown Owl looking at you. A bottle of champagne in a plant pot full off ice. A older woman smiling on the open day. A woman with a green parrot perched on her finger. And another parrot which is blue and yellow perched on her shoulder. A female blonde volunteer overlooking a young man with a bottle of water. A row of blue yellow and green Gardening gloves hung up on pegs on a line. Some hedgehogs made out of paperback books with little buttons for eyes. Picture of some purple flowers in a pot. A few pink and green flower pots with cactus like plants in. A staff member wearing sun classes helping out. A older man and younger woman in blue hugging while enjoying the entertainment. A couple watching the show in blue and grey suits A member of staff with a guy with a Batman T-shirt on. Some stones painted  black dark green and light green faces on them. 2 women and a man in a wheelchair admiring the flowers. A wide shot of an allotment with white nets protecting the plants. Two very happy people enjoying the day out. A older man volunteering and in a good mood. A picture of a Radish patch with the leafs just starting to grow out of the soil. A older woman taking in the atmosphere. The organizers enjoying a photo opportunity. The Mayor is here in a floral red and white dress. A picture of the Mayor and the organizers Laughter and smiles all round. The Mayor in a floral red and white dress cutting the  Ribbon declaring the plot open using some scissors to cut the orange ribbon.
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