Patrons Lunch

Staff from Disability Direct traveled to London on Sunday to volunteer for the Queens 90th Birthday celebration, the Patrons Lunch.

Sally Blake, lead consultant for Nimbus, Disability Direct’s social enterprise won the contract to provide disability access and facilities for disabled and older people at the lunch. Sally who has worked on large scale productions before such as Download and Radio Ones’ big weekend has spent the past 5 months working behind the scenes to ensure everyone’s access needs are catered for. Sally relies on volunteers on the day to guarantee anyone requiring support gets it.

Disability Direct staff were happy to give up their free time to take part in the event with 5 staff members travelling down from Derby at 5am to spend the day supporting older and disabled people.

The Mall Patrons Lunch2

Claire Whitehead, project worker for Fast Forward said ‘ I jumped at the chance to volunteer, it was a great opportunity to be involved and even though it was a long day, the people we supported were so lovely and grateful of our help, it made the day even more special’

Volunteers supported over 350 disabled and older people mainly escorting them to and from drop off points and car parks using the many wheelchairs loaned by local charities on the day.

Katy Nettleton, Fund Raiser for DD recorded over 36,000 steps taken on her Fit-bit, that is approximately 18 miles!! ‘It was an amazing day, long but worth every second (and blisters!). The atmosphere was magical, everyone was so happy and cheerful. For me, it was even better by enabling those with impairments to share this day and experience a true street party with the Great British Weather!’

The Patrons Lunch was the final celebration of the Queens 90th Birthday which celebrated her patronage of over 600 charities and organisations.