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Who will support you?

Hi, I’m Raj Johal, Personalisation Manager in the Blue Sky Brokerage Team at Disability Direct. In our Team we help people manage Personal Budgets, and support people to do their Support Plans. I am married and have two lovely Sons and I am Derby born and bred.

I can speak fluent Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu and have over 10 years’ experience in working within the community. I have been working at Disability Direct since June 2009 and love working with such a great group of people here at DD.

I work for DD as I share the belief that all disabled people should have the right to control their own Social Care needs with the correct support they choose to have. With support from our team to achieve this if needed.

sarahprofileHi I’m Sarah Clay an Admin Assistant at Disability Direct, working in the Blue Sky Brokerage Team. I have been currently working at DD since December 2013 and I have settled in well and love working within DD.

My current role is to assist people in writing their support plans for their personal budget, which is then to be approved by Social Services.

I also support individuals to help manage their Personal Budgets from their Local Authority, help with recruiting Personal Assistants and completing monitoring forms. Support is on-going throughout the whole process and I will always provide support where needed.

What Does The Project Do?

We have been supporting people on Direct Payments for 10 years with recruitment, payroll, employment advice and paperwork.

Recently changes have been made to the way people can spend the funds allocated by the local authority. This is now called a Personal Budget, which can be paid in the form of a Direct Payment.


How can you help?

Day to day, I help people with Support Planning and exploring ideas, Helping people To complete their monitoring forms for Social Services, all aspects of managing a Personal Budget including: The Recruitment of PA’s, Employers Risks and Responsibilities, Helping settle Employer/Employee disputes and much much more!

What is a Personal Budget (PB)?

A PB is money received from the council after an assessment for you to spend on the support you need to ensure you live independently. You can use it to buy from any provider of services and not just those endorsed by the council. Or you can use it to purchase aids and equipment that will help you to live independently but for this it will need to be approved in your Support Plan.

How do I apply for Personal Budget?

To receive a Personal Budget you will need to have an assessment from Social Services to find out if you qualify for help. You may already have a Care Manager or Social Worker who can help you through the process or you can speak to us here at Disability Direct.

How can I receive my Personal Budget?

It’s your choice!

Either the council can pay:

  • You – directly into your bank account
  • A “Trust” – A group of people you trust who have agreed to help you manage and spend your budget on a day to day basis.
  • 3rd Party – An external agency such as DD Payroll Services will hold your budget for you and wait for your instruction on who to pay for the social care service you receive or any other payments for things such as mileage or aids and equipment that have been agreed you can purchase.
  • An Individual Service Fund – You can choose to have your budget paid directly to your provider. Speak to your Care Manager or give us a ring a Disability Direct for more information on this.
  • A virtual budget – Derby City Council will make the payments on your behalf to day centres, agencies etc. You will not be able to employ your own PA if they take control of the funds.

What is a Support Plan?

This is a written plan listing what is important to you and how you will use your Indicative Budget to meet your social care needs. When writing your plan, you will be in control at all times. You can involve your family, friends, in fact anyone in helping you to put your plan together. Disability Direct can help too.

I’m ready to do a Support Plan?

Give us a ring and we will talk you through the next steps. We will of course make sure you are in control at all times.

What is an Indicative Budget?

An indicative budget gives a rough idea of the level of funding that will be allocated to an individual, in their Personal Budget, to meet their eligible needs. It is based on what it would cost to meet their needs, as determined by the Resource Allocation System (RAS).

The indicative budget allows individuals to create a Support Plan that will deliver the outcomes to best meet their identified assessed needs.

The indicative budget is used only as a guide. A final Personal Budget amount may be set higher or lower than this amount, depending on how a support plan shows the person’s needs can be met.

What Clients Say About Us

“I feel staff gave me a lot of help throughout dealing with a difficult employment situation, they made me feel supported and guided in the right direction. I am very satisfied with the information and advice I have received, staff are informative and keep you up to date. I would most certainly recommend Blue sky to anyone who needed support with their personal budget/direct payment”.
Rita – Allestree.
“When first meeting Blue Sky staff, i was met with polite manners and a friendly conduct, despite the confusion of a lot of paperwork; help is on hand with any problems! I was treated fairly at all times, and had all my concerns listened to and answered efficiently to the best of Blue Sky’s knowledge”
Wayne – Nottingham.

Raj Johal

Personalisation Manager

Bluesky Brokers.

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